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ACC Value Practice: Virtual Trial Teams

August 1, 2013

ACC Value Challenge Tool Kit Resource

Reprinted with permission of the Association of Corporate Counsel

"Virtual trial teams" offer companies a value-based staffing option that transforms competitive collaboration into client value. In-house clients in high stakes jury trials are increasingly partnering their most experienced and effective trial counsel with attorneys from other firms who have deep knowledge in science or medicine areas to match talent to the needs of the case.

In-house counsel play a key leadership role in setting the tone, selecting the team, identifying the team leader, and ensuring that communications and processes are set to support collaborative teamwork and efficiencies.

Participating on virtual trial teams in various roles, including as lead trial attorney and trial team captain, the authors, as litigators at Nelson Mullins Riley & Scarborough LLP, understand how powerful and impactful virtual trial teams can be. They also understand the battleground practical realities of trials, and keys to success.

This ACC Value Practice explores key issues to consider in constructing virtual trial teams. In addition, it emphasizes how value-based client service relationships, staffing options, and project management practices can result in value-add for the corporate client.