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Cure Insomnia: Banish Records Retention Issues That Keep You Up at Night

January 30, 2014

Bloomberg BNA, Digital Discovery & e-Evidence

Reproduced with Permission of Digital Discovery & e-Evidence

Are you tossing and turning at night about your company’s data issues? Do you wake up in a cold sweat, asking yourself whether data has been secured? Has data been retained properly? Has any data been lost in the process? Are there internal company policies in place to govern these issues? If so, are your company’s employees properly trained and informed of the policies? Are these policies even being followed?

If you have encountered such questions, you are not alone. In recent years, maintaining a company’s data in the ordinary course of business has become an increasingly complex process due to the overwhelming amount of technology platforms, data storage systems, and— what is often most apparent to companies internally— the exponential types and amount of pure data itself.