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Using iPads for Mediation, Arbitration and Trials

July 26, 2013

Inside Counsel

Reprinted with permission of Inside Counsel

When the Apple iPad was introduced in early 2010, many attorneys dismissed it as merely a media consumption device that would never be suitable for serious legal work. This was probably true when discussing the first-generation iPad. However, today’s iPads (generations 2-4 and mini), with their added cameras and capability to mirror the contents of the device to a monitor or projector, offer creative litigators a range of practical uses for their legal practices.

Because of its compact size, intuitive operating system and long battery life, the iPad offers some real advantages over the traditional laptop in many situations. As an initial matter, the iPad is much less obtrusive at the counsel table or at a podium than a laptop. It is also great for note taking, presentations, research and document review. In a recent mediation in which I participated, three of six attorneys used iPads as their note taking tool, and two made very effective presentations using only the iPad and a projector.

I have used the iPad for presentations in meetings, mediations, arbitrations and in major court hearings.